Listening Party / Amazing Fans 

Recently some very cool fans in Montreal held a private listening party for the new album. Actually sitting down and listening to a record from front to back is a very rare thing these days... and doing that with a group of friends is even more rare.  It made me think of why I make music. To be listened to. To be experienced. It doesn't work very well as background music, there is too much going on. It requires attention. Needless to say I feel incredibly honoured that this group of friends would take the time to experience their first listen through the new album as a group. Thanks! Here are a couple photos from that evening: 


Hey friends. My new album 'Monster' is now available for preorder over at bandca​mp. Who knows, if you pre-order soon you might just get an early pre-release copy in the mail ;)

In the Sun 

Last night was fun. Got to play some new material as the sun set. Thanks @zgauthiermusic for the cool photo. 

I Know You Know 

Okay friends, so excited to share this! ... I Know You Know is the second single off my upcoming full length album called Monster. Canadian radio personality and music archivist Alan Cross Official has kindly premiered it on his blog 'A Journal of Musical Things'. This track features some epic drumming by my partner in crime Paul Clark. It also features some additional backup vocals from Mind Of Max and Joshua Clark. ALSO, last but not least... there is a music video funded by Public Records coming out for it next week.

Andrew Judah is a Songwriter/Composer from BC, Canada. 
Monster - September 30
Now available for pre-order @
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