The Value of Music 

Christmas is almost upon us, and I'm in a giving mood. My entire discography is now available for free @

I've gone back and forth from free to payed downloads over the last few years. I change my mind a lot, I'm undecided. The value of music is something I've thought a lot about lately. It seems like there is a developing culture of musicians being open and honest about their finances. Transparency is very cool, I'm stoked about that. 

I believe that people who truly value art will support the people who make it, be it financially or otherwise. However if you don't know an artists work, should you have to pay for it? 

I'd be lying if I told you I've never pirated an album, or streamed something on Youtube or Spotify before ever purchasing it. So if you want my music for free, please take it and don't feel guilty at all. It's only fair.

I'm not on a record label, I fund this project myself. Monster cost me quite a bit more to make than anything else I've ever done. I'm extremely proud of it, and wouldn't have it any other way. If you feel it ads value to your life, consider supporting me by donating/buying a t-shirt or something. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on the subject. Chime in, let's chat!

Happy Birthday Albino Black Bear 

Albino Black Bear is 3 years old today. I released it on my birthday, as a gift to myself. If you don't have it yet, I want you to have it for free. My gift to you.


Fear in a Handful of Dust 

As you might already know, I've started a new project which I'm calling Cultus. It's mostly going to be ambient music and other forms of experimenting with audio. I'm excited to have a new outlet that is 'low pressure'. Most of these tracks will be made very quickly, with an emphasis on experimentation and spontaneity. Here is another one I just made, called Fear in a Handful of Dust. 



Cultus is a new project I'm starting, for ambient music and other audio experiments. 


For The Geeks 

I'm a huge fan of albums. All of my favourite albums are more than just a collection of songs. They take time to digest, revealing new details over time. I've always been interested in the process of making an album, and so I'm sure there must be others out there who feel like I do. For those of you who are, I've written some notes on how I made Monster. I hope you enjoy them. - Andrew


Hello friends, my new album 'Monster' is finally here! I'm super excited for you all to hear it. Whether you purchase it or stream it, I just want you to hear it. It's available now on BandcampiTunesAmazon, & Spotify. Whichever works best for you. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. I'm an independent artist, and I do this because I truly love it. If you also love it, please share it with a friend. It helps more than you know. Thank you again for all of your support! - Andrew

"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." 
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Be in the know.


Andrew Judah is a one-man band who writes songs and composes music for film and television.

'Monster' Available Now
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